• v1.14.2

released at 07/06/2019

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Augur App 1.14.2

Invalid filter now enforces a minimum return on investment :oncoming_police_car:

For your market to appear on the default markets page you must have (on at least one outcome) a bid above the number of outcomes in the market divided by the range, or an ask below the number of outcomes in the market divided by the range, after accounting for fees and at least a 10% annualized return on investment for the order taker as calculated over time from now until two weeks after market expiry.

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Windows 37fe8a9e961ab159f50bde114c1767b941c6ed5a2ba62769be3a2b091f13aee8
Mac 76dbd7bacfa4ca0c0301d11b2cecc02f85aa72e684e58c2eb86d518c6b3b3f17
Linux (deb) 937c223917f9f955b63d72c699ac5502c5c784e8a1f4698bb7b667a409135b95
Linux (AppImage) d3d0b73611c428fdddd55628c6ca9e733530af12385903a8a1d4f1ffb719c054
  • v1.14.1

released at 04/06/2019

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Augur App 1.14.1

Default sort change :money_mouth_face:

Liquidity sort now defaults to 15% spread, up from 10% spread.

Liquidity ranking :muscle:

It is essential to add initial liquidity to your market so users see it. It's required that at least one outcome have orders such that the difference between the ask and bid is less than 15% of the range (max minus min), inclusive of fees, of the market. So in a binary or categorical market an ask of .65 and bid of .57 would be 8% and show up, an ask of .76 and bid of .55 would be 21% and not show up to users, and so on. If you do this for more outcomes and add more liquidity, your market will rank higher.

Invalid filter :crying_cat_face:

Additionally, for your market to appear on the default markets page you must have (on at least one outcome) a bid above the number of outcomes in the market divided by the range, or an ask below the number of outcomes in the market divided by the range, after accounting for fees. In Augur V1, until a better solution can be implemented in V2, this means avoiding creating markets with true even odds, and instead creating ones with a slight (or large) underdog to ensure they're not accidentally caught by the invalid market filter. For instance, a market with a bid of 48 and ask of 52 would be filtered out, one with a bid of 52 and ask of 55 wouldn't.

Platform SHA 256 Checksum
Windows 9ad1be315261e7c28a849a38798e4094472827af697802f824a8b0b6a53cc1d3
Mac a19ecc12aa2907d17ce043e86dd7ef83ba3076794b4c1aba93990806827b18b8
Linux (deb) ffc2f9f98e335569892f17056c8602d8fa1ee184fec8390644edeb91f1488364
Linux (AppImage) e4ff0b638303469a86489a6a548d99be5211c3a3c245fdeffe418cf446c9a6b9
  • v1.14.0

released at 01/06/2019

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Augur App 1.14.0

????This release redefines Augur's sort and filtering logic in order to incentivize liquid and valid markets.

????The new default sort ranks markets by liquidity, rewarding order books with tighter and deeper spreads. It simulates buying and selling shares and orders markets based on how many shares could be traded while recouping a specified threshold.

????A new experimental filter excludes markets that have no bids or asks that would incur a loss for order creators in the case of Invalid resolution.

For more info see (augur.net blog link)

  • v1.13.1

released at 23/05/2019

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Augur App 1.13.1

:crystal_ball: Some issues were found with the spread filter! In order to not confuse people, this release removes it while we work on a fix.

Platform SHA 256 Checksum
Windows a8d33d153435583d8a0610c4f4b3a26f7c80b4fd190fb547bc2b103800cd3c85
Mac ad06980f5b00e5aa1b77b0d16ea49126add2b2e8f72dc89473690392c746e63a
Linux (deb) 176a17653cffef161822a1bda8297679f7a73c8336add4306d822ae7a9262c00
Linux (AppImage) 103cbc4e7c84cb93c51d00db9094fd65d5ef282ddc0f53178583eb600a7ab064
  • v1.13.0

released at 17/05/2019

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Augur App - 1.13

???? Today's release is the first in preparation for Augur's upcoming v2 Launch. The release includes significant messaging to describe Augur's v2 launch process, the cut-off date after which markets will no longer be guaranteed to resolve prior to v2 launch, and how users can handle their currently open positions and orders as v2 approaches.

❕ Any traders who have positions or open orders on markets expiring after September 15th are advised to read our post about the Augur V2 Cutoff or visit their portfolio page on Augur to identify any markets at risk.

???? The release also includes a new default filter on the markets page that hides markets which have large spreads on their order book.

Platform SHA 256 Checksum
Windows 18274aca78603b3388684c0809090c51982411a5004bb46597d9fe891d71da74
Mac ef83f8d362995139c74457c3f75d09daa14e0c7277c943289924672ed15da517
Linux (deb) 9e7ce27462a0f37226b8677fde5ec04c579f1000d4a0dc46da53ae5bfa84fe7e
Linux (AppImage) 49a42a65f454c56cf3d6ae362d12dbb275b86469741f20c79a781c51140e563f
  • v1.12.0

released at 11/04/2019

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Augur-app 1.12.0

Reporting and Market Creation improvements

  • :hourglass_flowing_sand: When creating a market there is better guidance with regards to reporting start time, with local and UTC times being displayed to prevent confusion

  • :briefcase: If you are eligible for a refund during designated reporting, this refund will be displayed
Platform SHA 256 Checksum
Windows 6d2a3de342c1d20c8f024d9976618fcc17bfee5c3fe5e383699b549db50f5b51
Mac c4382e68be6c147bbd8f918556ba0ee3c7ec6bf617149cf9954da98a09dc0f46
Linux (deb) 135522e6044d5df86101a28d5cae64fbaef584f05033b2cf59da3ec4e832a45e
Linux (AppImage) c2bb3d2b47d4e8af1f9ceee034ed653ce159568e35f1225925f450eb255d8c8c
  • v1.11.1

released at 02/04/2019

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Augur App v1.11.1

:bug: BUGFIX release :beetle: :honeybee:

:bird: This release fixes an error users get when initially reporting on a mainnet market.

Platform SHA 256 Checksum
Windows d72d86fbff3cc794fd9f6949030b126136ed119d24450829a0482d0be56eea13
Mac 66e5cffb0c3cc4e460d2eb5d609d6a15d777faea55c709704d4b360821e66125
Linux (deb) 78034aa4a0e67d1bb0de1eef9df88fdfd118fe71106168cc18ed14603f53380d
Linux (AppImage) 15847b0604294f35eac6ade48dcbeb54cd37134e492c6c738bf3de1096e93b94
  • v1.11.0

released at 30/03/2019

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Augur App v1.11.0

New release is here with improvements to help aid market creators understand how timezones interact with market end time.

  • :flags: Includes a more prominent display of when markets end to aid traders in understanding when a market’s definition is potentially invalid due to timezone or end time issues

  • :speaker: New verification modal dialog gives you better understanding of the market you are about to create
Platform SHA 256 Checksum
Windows 9d09f1d2d52dd2bfef90381f147dd799512c252465bc6d4e21bb66407e788332
Mac 6516ee33d8f3e3a65d7becb214b69cd1814f4337f44eab949d5c11daf23802ee
Linux (deb) bcaa9d55d3bdd170ee567244d4304aaf8bd7c76d7c0803f790482b77a186f18b
Linux (AppImage) 142c67d1d8ab59748b101bf772d8b3e03c840f5290240d0ca3f7343072d8d05a
  • v1.10.3

released at 26/02/2019

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Augur App v1.10.3

Updated geth light client version and new rinkeby endpoint

  • :confetti_ball: For those of you using the local light client, we've updated version 1.8.23 of Geth.
  • :muscle: Are you using Augur with the Rinkeby Testnet? The endpoint is now hosted by Alchemy.
Platform SHA 256 Checksum
Windows 9d5bd60f06f42295e3c1354913106e4512f4095cb30630a6821e65977d178c2c
Mac 76ac9ea79ad52c95d3ca464a71f83c863099471f6077b96fecc0d004b81a213e
Linux (deb) d94fcdac93de714eb0246f87eb2a5fd741c60e174d744f0a098b4415cc2c8537
Linux (AppImage) b451fc8866845349ae99eb7b4f3fdde52b0aa9620a9ed81cfa84f8d62e005b63
  • v1.10.2

released at 11/02/2019

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Augur App v1.10.2

???? ???? ???? Everyone once in a while a big bad bug comes along, today was one of those days. This release is a hotfix for a vulnerability discovered in Augur UI during the dispute process. The issue affected one market currently in dispute, with the UI incorrectly showing the wrong number of outcomes on the dispute page.

Platform SHA 256 Checksum
Windows d0c9a59de71c325224a5fd45732c133e99e4265a6400ae60eb99cb16d91acec1
Mac e8ecb965e351d79dce6fd4d715b84fd8e48221277bbd39d58b6310017aa85102
Linux (deb) 74787cc2f665d81f0422e91808696131d14af30f158e4d08a08b373a223ebe28
Linux (AppImage) 118deb0491e71a07264166a2001fef2f23bc77d005828789ad78197b6bad7e04